Alison Rosa

Operations Manager

Alison comes to us with her Bachelor’s in Business Management from St. John’s University and an extensive Human Resources and Project Management background. When she’s not working, she enjoys exercising, going out to eat, listening to music, and spending time at the beach.

Alison was drawn to our team and the Operations Manager role specifically because of the opportunity to work on so many aspects of the business, as well as the passion and friendliness of our team.

Alison oversees a myriad of things, including team success, hardware and software needs (including cybersecurity), SEC and IRS compliance, and our finances. Her hard work ensures we are using our budget wisely to give the best service at the lowest cost to you. We are as frugal as our clients, and we want to make sure our dollars are being used most effectively, just like we want your money to work for you.