Introducing our Womxn's Investing Network!

Think digital workshop meets online accountability group for womxn looking to learn more about investing.

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This space is for you!

We know that investing can be scary until you have enough knowledge and confidence to empower yourself to move forward. Many individuals in our community have voiced these concerns, and have had trouble finding the right tools, guidance and community to get started.

So we've gathered exactly that and built a safe space where we'll take the baby steps to move forward, together during a four-week long digital workshop for women (or anyone who wants to learn more about investing in a safe space!).

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We thoroughly believe in inclusivity. . .

and that everyone deserves to live their best financial life. If you've ever felt excluded, embarrassed or ashamed to talk #investing, this space is for you.

Through weekly exercises, webinars and discussions, our Winners will better understand themselves, their money behaviors and the world of investments to feel comfortable moving forward and taking that next step - investing!

We're getting started on Monday, August 2nd and we invite you to join us!

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