Financial Planning

Financial Planning is much more than recommending and managing investments. We advise on all aspects of your financial life: insurance, generational wealth transfer, consideration of short and long-term tax implication, and providing expertise as you make decisions related to paying for tuition, funding retirement, and more.


Our Services, Simplified.

We find that people are often surprised by how comprehensive South Bay Financial Partners’ Financial Planning services are. If you have a financial decision to make, from selecting your employee benefit package to buying a new home, we offer informed advice tailored just for you.

We start with in-depth conversations about where you've been and where you see yourself going.

This knowledge of your unique situation allows us to provide the best guidance for living your best financial life. You will find that we are here to advise you, not to judge you or to be the budget police.

Financial Planning

We believe the foundation of financial success is spending money carefully and purposely. You’ll find we’re here to advise you, not to judge you or to be the budget police. And we’re here for the long haul, supporting you through every one of life’s stages.

Investment Management

We'll meet annually to discuss investments and make recommendations based on discovery. We work on trade recommendations and executions, ongoing maintenance , quarterly reports and cash flow monitoring to ensure accuracy & security.

A Note about our Services

Please note: SBFP strongly believes that for clients with investments, opting for the combination of Financial Planning AND Investment Management is the smartest option. This allows us to make investment recommendations with full consideration of your current situation and your goals for the future. Because tax preparation and planning are included with Financial Planning, clients who chose both types of services will have investment recommendations fully informed as to the tax implications. We believe in this combination so strongly that we are offering a discount on Investment Management for clients who choose the two services combined. You may find that this discount to your Investment Management fee pays for your Financial Planning services.

Investment Management


Investment Management services with no Financial Planning services
is 0.6% of Assets Under Management.

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Investment Management + Financial Planning


Investment Management fee is 0.45% of Assets Under Management.
Additional Financial Planning fee of $630 to $3,000 charged quarterly.

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Held Away Accounts

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*We invite you to compare the quality and price of our services with other financial planners. We're confident you won't find a better value.

Additionally, for clients who chose only Investment Management services, we continue to offer tax preparation for an additional fee.