It's never too late for a FreshStart™

Delivered in six sessions, our FreshStart Program is designed as a gateway to our other services with all of our clients in mind. Whether you are new to the SBPF community orhave been working with us for years and simply need a refresh, we will work with you to create a roadmap around your unique goals and life intentions. 


Our Gateway – To Your Success.

In this gateway to our other services, we help you set and evaluate goals as well as gather and analyze the material needed to form a realistic and achievable plan.

In the end, you'll receive a roadmap to implement on your own or you can choose to continue with SBFP as a Financial Coaching or Financial Planning client.

It all starts with Discovery

We begin with a Discovery Meeting in which we spend 90 minutes exploring your relationship with money, covering and your current financial situation.

We dig into the money scripts that you've written over your life and the money behaviors that you've developed. After uncovering the stories and behaviors you, we'll strategize how to minimize the ones that are holding you back and maximize on the ones that are pushing you forward.

We also review where your money is today. Do you have debt? Do you have money to invest? This is the clay you have to work with, and we want to help you mold it in a way that works with your lifestyle. At the end of this meeting, we’ll deliver a net worth statement and summaries of your KMSI and Wealth Builder survey results. All of this is wrapped together to clearly show you where you are right now, hints to how you got here, and how you can move forward.

You'll leave with tangible suggestions of steps and action items to take to improve your current situation, whether that's with SBFP or on your own.If we decide to move forward together, we’ll work through the remaining five sessions and begin our financial planning process to develop a plan that will be delivered during session 6.

There is a consultation fee of $400-$600 for the Discovery Meeting; this is applied to the total fee for clients who choose to sign up for the full Fresh Start Program.

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How does it all work?

Delivered in six sessions, we begin with a Discovery Meeting in which we explore your relationship with money and cover your current financial situation. If we decide to move forward together, we’ll work through the remaining five sessions and begin our financial planning process to develop a plan that will be delivered during session 6.

* If you have a specific challenge or question we can adapt the program to make sure we get it covered. We specialize in post retirement transitions as well as financial therapy, especially with couples.

1. Discovery

It's nice to take things slow. We want to get to know you, learn about your habits, ambitions and where you see yourself in the future with us - from there we can keep growing together.

2. Cashflow

You've got a checking and a savings and maybe a few other accounts. This is where we start the deep dive to learn about your spending habits and patterns, where your money goes and where its coming from. This helps paint your money picture.

3. Benefits and Investments

401k, IRA, investment accounts? Our program and team of experienced advisors will help make sure you have the right investments to fulfill your plan. And ensure that you have the insurance to protect your wealth.

4. Life Planning

Getting old doesn't have to suck – we want to make sure you're living a life of intention and value. Starting a family soon? Let's talk about college planning and budgeting for the little ones. Full time vanlifer or world traveler? That works too – let's setup a plan for your life, not just your retirement.

5. Goal Setting

Everyone's goals are different and by working with our team of experts we can help quantify yours. Then we'll build strategies and tactics that will adapt with you as your life unfolds. We want you to win in this financial game of life and we'll do whatever it takes to support your idea of success.

6. Delivering the Plan

The big reveal! It's been a lot of work to get here but it's time to show you the ropes and put the plan into action. We'll pull back the veil and show you the inner-workings of your financial life. We want you to have your finger on the pulse of your financial success and we'll be there with you for the ride.

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The FreshStart program consists of six meetings including the Discovery meeting.
Meetings occur on a biweekly basis, and cost $2,000 to $12,000, depending on complexity.

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